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Squirrel Removal in Charlottesville VA, Henrico VA and other areas of Richmond and Central Virginia. We often receive calls from potential customers stating, “I have squirrels in my attic can you get rid of them?” The short answer is yes we can get rid of squirrels in the attic and any other place in your home or business, and we do it safely and humanely.

Imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on your dream home only to have it systematically destroyed by squirrels chewing electrical wiring, or damaging the fascia, soffit, eaves, vents or attic insulation. These pesky critters may look adorable outside, but once inside your home they begin the process of turning your home into their home.

Our Wildlife Removal Technicians know how to get rid of squirrels and how to keep them from re-entering your home. We are your local squirrel removal experts in Charlottesville, Henrico, Glen Allen and Richmond Virginia.

Our Wildlife Removal and Animal Pest Control professionals have extensive training and education in:

  • Identifying squirrel entry points and damaged areas
  • Humanely trapping, removing and helping control nuisance squirrels
  • Locating and removing squirrel nests and baby squirrels in the attic
  • Repairing damaged areas of your home
  • How to get rid of squirrels
  • Getting rid of squirrels in the attic
  • Best way to trap squirrels
  • Baby squirrel sounds and noises
  • Best squirrel traps to use for your problem
  • Prevent squirrels from chewing electrical wires
  • Odor removal and control
  • Dead animal location and removal
  • Removing and replacing attic insulation damaged by squirrel feces (poop) and urine
  • Methods and techniques to keep squirrels out of your home

Signs That You May Have a Squirrel Problem:

  • Chewing damage to the attic vents, fascia, soffit and electrical wiring of your home
  • Unusual sounds in the attic, walls, ceilings, floors or crawl space
  • Unidentified animal feces (droppings) in the attic
  • Unpleasant odors in your home
  • Damaged and chewed gable vents
  • Damaged wires and chewed wires
  • Sounds of animals chewing, running, walking or scurrying in the attic or other places in your home
  • Acorns, leaves, sticks, twigs or other debris in your attic
  • Batt (rolled or sheet) insulation that appears to be damaged

Types Of Squirrel Traps

There are two basic types of squirrel traps, the cage trap (live catch) and the body grip (lethal trap).

Shown below is a squirrel trapped in a non-lethal cage trap.

squirrel cage trap


Animal Removal & Pest Wildlife Control

Our animal removal and pest control company is a total solution wildlife control company providing complete nuisance wildlife services. We provide nuisance Wild Animal Control services for the removal and control of Bats, Beavers, Bees, Birds, Canada Geese, Copperhead Snakes, Chipmunks, Coyotes, Deer, European Starlings, Flying Squirrels, Foxes, Groundhogs, Mice, Moles, Opossums, Otters, Pigeons, Possums, Raccoons, Rats, Skunks, Snakes, Squirrels, Woodpeckers, Voles and other wild animals of Virginia.

We have exterminators who provide nuisance animal removal services to such areas as Charlottesville, Lake Monticello, Lake Anna, Louisa, Gordonsville, Fluvanna, Goochland, Orange, Hanover, Henrico, Waynesboro, Staunton, Glen Allen, Short Pump, Richmond, Chesterfield, and Midlothian Virginia.

Our animal control experts can trap, remove, capture and control all types of nuisance animals that may be causing damage to your home or business. Wild animals become a nuisance when they gain access to your house or business causing structural damage, and contaminating your attic with urine and feces.

All types of animals can be trapped and removed by our animal control experts. We specialize in the removal and control of wild nuisance pest animals from your home or business. Animal removal in Charlottesville is closely regulated by the County of Albermarle and by the state of Virginia to ensure humane and proper treatment of the wild animals of Albemarle County. Our Wildlife Control Technicians are licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources.

We also carry extensive Commercial Liability and Workers’ Compensation Insurance to protect you – the homeowner – and our Animal Control Technicians. Before you hire any animal removal company, you should check to make sure they have the proper nuisance wildlife permits and licenses. Another thing to remember is to NEVER hire a pest control company to perform work that should be performed by a wildlife removal company. Animal removal requires an entirely different set of knowledge, skills and tools that most pest control companies don’t have.

The most common animal problems in the Charlottesville and Richmond areas we handle are squirrel removal, raccoon removal, rat control, beaver removal, Canada Geese control, mole removal, possum removal, skunk removal, rodent removal, bird removal, mice control, snake removal, vole removal, and bat removal.

Our animal removal services include trapping and removing of nuisance wildlife, repairing animal damage, and animal proofing (exclusion) existing structures that may be at risk for animal entry. Other services include dead animal removal, animal trapping, wildlife exclusions, removal and replacement of contaminated insulation, attic cleanup, animal waste removal and pest control. These are just a few of the more common animal removal calls we deal with in Charlottesville and Richmond, VA.

So we can also help with other animal removal problems related to Bats, Beavers, Bees, Birds, Canada Geese, Copperhead Snakes, Chipmunks, Coyotes, Deer, European Starlings, Flying Squirrels, Foxes, Groundhogs, Mice, Moles, Opossums, Otters, Pigeons, Possums, Raccoons, Rats, Skunks, Snakes, Squirrels, Woodpeckers, Voles and any wildlife that is found in the State of Virginia.

Because we are a privately held company and do not provide free animal removal services, if you are having problems with dog or cat please call your local County Animal Control Officer.

We provide wildlife control & animal removal services in Albemarle County, Amelia County, Chesterfield County, Fluvanna County, Goochland County, Greene County, Hanover County, Henrico County,  Louisa County, Nelson County, Orange County, Powhatan County, Roanoke County, Salem, Rockingham County, Charlottesville, Richmond and many other areas of Virginia.

Contact us at (804) 457-2883 or toll-free at (877) 828-3878.

For additional wildlife information visit Virginia Wildlife Removal Information.

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Squirrels in your attic? Squirrels chewing electrical wires that may cause fires? We provide squirrel removal from attics and other locations in your home and business. Our squirrel removal technicians are experts in wildlife removal and pest control in Charlottesville VA & Central Virginia.